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Our Widgets Will Earn You More Than Any Other Native Advertising Company You've Ever Tried

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Our Mission

At Earnify, we believe publishers and advertisers deserve a better deal. That's why we created a native advertising platform that puts our clients in control.

For publishers, this means unbeatable revenue shares and lightning-fast payment terms. And for advertisers, it means superior targeting and exceptional traffic quality.

As publishers ourselves, we saw the need for a smarter approach to native advertising. So we decided to go one better than all the other native ad platforms, with an intuitive self-serve system that equips advertisers and publishers with the tools to boost their brand, traffic and revenue.

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Advanced Targeting

Earnify lets you super-charge the money-making potential of every section of your site, with superior geo-targeting and device targeting.

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Smarter Technology

Discover smart technology that works for you. Whether an advertiser or a publisher, our clever system learns how to maximize results for your business.

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Outstanding Support

Looking for exceptional service and support? With Earnify, it's a given. We'll work closely with you at every stage, to help you exceed your advertising goals.

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Full Control

Take control of your native advertising. Our automated self-serve platform lets you cruise through the easy tasks, while we take care of the tricky ones.

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Ad Units

Your widgets, your way. Check out our customizable publisher widgets and stay in control of your website.

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    Standard Widget

    Desktop / Tablet / Mobile

    Style your widget to fit your site, with customized options that let you position your widget wherever you like.

    • Use widgets across all device types
    • Style your widgets to complement your website
    • Place widgets below content, in the sidebar or anywhere you like
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    Exit Overlay

    Desktop Only

    Capture valuable clicks before your visitors move on, with our exit overlay widgets.

    • Use exit overlay widgets on your desktop site
    • Customize widgets to suit your website style
    • Attract user attention before visitors click away from your site


Better targeting. Better tracking. Better results.

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    Boost Your Brand

    Showcase your business and drive traffic to your most valuable branded content. Earnify helps you boost brand awareness by getting your brand and products seen by a huge online audience.

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    Attract More Readers

    Grow your readership and build an interested, engaged visitor-base, with high quality click-throughs to your content. Use the Earnify platform to drive the right kind of traffic to your digital brand platforms.

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    Become A Thought Leader

    Establish your brand as an industry expert and a ‘go-to' for relevant, valuable content. With Earnify, you can use owned and paid media to attract visitors and engage your online audience.

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    Generate More Leads

    Grow your funnel with an increased flow of quality leads, at minimal cost to your business. With superior targeting and tracking, Earnify gives you the tools to reach a high volume of qualified potential customers.

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    Increase Online Purchases

    Drive online purchases by positioning your products in the sights of people most likely to buy. The Earnify platform makes it easy to keep customers moving towards purchase point.

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More money. More insights. More control.

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    Increase Revenue

    Boost your revenue with native advertising. Earnify is the only native advertising company to offer an 80/20 revenue share, with the option to split-test CPA vs. CPC to ensure the highest revenue rates.

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    Stay in Control

    Publish native ads that fit seamlessly with your website. With Earnify, you can choose brand filters, safe filters or 18+ filters, and can even block certain types of ads to ensure you're always in control of your site.

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    Enjoy Simplicity

    Save time and effort with our easy-to- use, self-serve platform. The Earnify system makes it simple to customize and publish advertising widgets, with no complex set-up or maintenance.

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    Manage Audience Exchange

    Optimize and track audience exchange programs, and gain valuable campaign insights. Earnify lets you easily manage and enhance the performance of site content and partners.

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    Optimize with Data

    With insightful data, you'll be equipped to boost the performance of your published content. Use Earnify to access valuable data that lets you grow your native advertising revenue.

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